I am so glad you are here!  

I am passionate about helping you, 

Identify Your Purpose, Pursue Your 

Dreams and Push Past your Fears!

We all have been given wisdom and 

power from within to live a prosperous, 

successful and extremely abundant life.

This place is designed for you to embrace 

being a original. Therefore, expect to be 

empowered, inspired, encouraged, challenged

 and motivated To Live Your Best Life.

About Me!

I am a international speaker, on target as a Best-selling author.  A passionate  publisher, spiritual mentor and award-winning certified life coach.  I consider myself as one of the few women with a knack for empowering men and women to discover their purpose, pursue the dreams, and overcome fears. 

 I have a genuine passion to partner with individuals who want to elevate personally and live a purposeful life.  For so long I did not know my purpose or how to discover it.  I vowed to help others who struggle with the same issue.  However, I love to see individuals move confidently towards their dreams by empowering, inspiring, motivating,  and encouraging.  Because that is what it took for me to begin to soar!  This  self-motivated coach challenges  people through transformative and thought-provoking coaching and speeches, to help them unlock their inner greatness and sail through the storms of life. My powerful messages are engaging to all age groups and have helped them to take immediate action to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. 

As a powerful and compelling coach, my forte lies in inspiring my clients to live their lives on purpose and make positive changes, helping them find inner peace and live a happy and fulfilled life. Darolyn is also the founder of First Lady Enterprise a 501c3 organization which provides an intimate setting to encourage and strengthen Pastor’s wives and women in the ministry. She has been married for 35 years, and her marriage is blessed with three adult children namely Chloe, Angel, and Joshua and two grandchildren, Cierra and Chasiti.


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